JAGUAR is Jagriti’s process immediate mentorship and relief to MSMEs in smaller towns and villages. COVID-19 impact on the economy will be significant in small towns and districts. By supporting MSME, keeping them afloat and growing them later, JAGUAR will ensure economic stability and emolument where it is needed more.


Providing online / telephonic mentoring session to Small and Medium enterprises on legal, financial, domain, operations through our pool of mentors

Market Connect

Leveraging the wide network of Jagriti to connect the enterprises of eastern Uttar Pradesh to markets on a national and global scale.


Enabling the SME to become investment-worthy and connecting them to traditional sources such as banks as well as new-age funding sources.

If you are MSME and Covid 19 has impacted your enterprise, then enrol to JAGUAR scheme by filling the form below -


Call to our helpline number - +918287973272

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