Jagriti Enterprise Centre - Purvanchal is a state-of-the-art incubator supporting small to medium enterprise in Tier 2 & 3 districts of India. It is aimed at creating a unique district enterprise ecosystem that will usher an era of enterprise led development in Purvanchal by connecting enterprises, experts, mentors and market partners. JEC-P model is unique as it not only provides on ground enterprise support through its Udyam Corps leaders who handhold the incubatee and monitor the incubatee performance, but also provides access to its wide national network for mentoring and market connect.

The planned JEC-P centre at Barpar in Deoria around a 200 years old Banyan tree which has been inspiration for Jagriti’s values as well as its logo, will provide the required infrastructural support to the aspiring entrepreneurs and accelerate creation of a robust enterprise ecosystem in the region.

Our Services

Market Connect

Leveraging the wide network of Jagriti to connect the enterprises of Purvanchal to markets on a national and global scale.

Connect to Funds

Enabling the entrepreneurs to become investment-worthy and connecting them to traditional sources such as banks as well as new-age funding sources.


Guidance of incubatee leaders by board members and experts. On ground Udyam Corps also continuously handhold them and track their performance.

These services are supported by our on ground network of Udyam Corps, on ground facilitators who handhold the incubatee and monitor the incubatee performance. Apart from these core services, incubatees are also supported through operations guidance, expert connect, training and sharing of knowledge resources.


Deoria Design

A handicraft company that empowers underprivileged women of Deoria to be economically independent and earn from what they are passionate about. The company trains the local women into international craft and designs via internet in the most challenging environment. Pooja Sahi, a local resident of Deoria and an alumna of Jagriti Yatra, started Deoria Design out of her deep passion, and partnered with Priti Jantre, a Mumbai-based marketing person, through the network of Jagriti.

Contact: artpooja108@gmail.com

Rural Roots

Rural Roots is a food-processing company aimed at generating employment for local women and focuses on those food products where Deoria has an existing comparative advantage. Started by ex-yatris Keshav Parthasarthy and Shagun Setia, their first product is pickle. Premium variety of mango , garlic, red chilli, green chilly and jackfruit is handcrafted by women and sold in markets across India.

Contact: kunalbhatia028@gmail.com

Rural Shores

Rural Shores Deoria is a social enterprise that assimilates youth from rural areas into knowledge economy by setting up rural BPOs. The purpose of the BPO is to bring disadvantaged youth from rural areas into mainstream by providing them training and sustainable economic opportunities. Currently employing 250 local youth while serving a telecom and an e commerce client, the Deoria call centre aims to employ an aggregate of 500 youth by the end of the year. Rahul Mani Tripathi, a local serial entrepreneur of Deoria invested in necessary infrastructure and partnered with Indian company Rural shores to run this BPO creating employment opportunities for rural youth in their home district, to contribute in arresting excessive out migration from the area.

Contact: rahulmani999@gmail.com

Apparel Cluster

JEC-P is working with local apparel entrepreneurs in Deoria and Kushinagar to develop a quality driven apparel cluster in Deoria. This cluster has the potential of creating around 1000 direct jobs in the districts in skilled tailoring and many other indirect jobs.

Contact: vishwas@jagriti.org

Internet Saathi

Internet Saathi is a digital literacy program implemented by Jagriti in partnership with Google and Tata Trust. Under this project, 2300 Saathis with devices trained around 18 lakhs women in internet literacy through mobile and tablets across 7 districts around Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. These digitally trained internet Saathis are capable of much more and as next stage of the project, Jagriti is implementimg it as an Udyam Sakhi project where digital livelihoods and entrepreneurship opportunities are being created for these women.

Contact: vijay@jagriti.org

Udyam Sakhi

Jagriti is creating a social venture, called Udyam Sakhi, to empower these Internet Saathis to become ‘entrepreneur change agents’ for Purvanchal and lead from the front.

The social venture will be incubated by Jagriti Enterprise Centre – Purvanchal (JEC-P) and will be provided with access to its key services and training support. As a first step towards this JEC-P has started formation of Self Help Groups through Internet Saathis. These groups will enable the women to convert their skills to entrepreneurship through the power of collaboration and develop solidarity enabling them to deal with various socio-economic issues faced by them.

Contact: markandey@jagriti.org

"We may think we are uplifting women, the reality is that women will lift the country as they are most interested in change."
-Shashank Mani, Former Chairman - Jagriti

"Good Incubation Report’ written by Nesta and commissioned by DFID talks positively about Jagriti as ‘one of the few incubators beyond metros’ and as one of the few entrepreneurship networks focused on smaller towns and villages particularly in a state like UP where entrepreneurship and employment generation is most needed."


We have impacted around 2 million lives through our Internet Saathi project and through enterprises incubated by us.

Our incubatee enterprises have cumulatively created 300 Jobs in Deoria district and our Internet Saathi project has created 2300 women leaders across 7 districts of Purvanchal who will lead its development from the front.

As a significant qualitative impact we have made enterprise sound normal in a geography where enterprise and risk taking was so far considered an anomaly.

Our slogan of “Udyam Karenge, Aage badhenge” is reaching out to more and more people in the region making them realise it is their own leadership that will catalyse change in Deoria and in Purvanchal by forming enterprises in employment creation, in health and hygiene, in education and in women empowerment.

We envision to incubate 300 enterprises in for profit, healthcare, education and other sectors, creating around 10000 jobs, impacting 3 million lives in the next 5 years.

Impact Stories

Physical Incubation Centre

To accelerate scale up in Purvanchal, Jagriti has planned a physical incubation centre at Barpar in Deoria. The Centre will be first of its kind incubation centre beyond metros supporting small and medium entrepreneurs through world class services and facilities

Designed by architect Trupti Doshi, keeping the journey of an entrepreneur in mind, the Centre will be first of its kind incubation centre beyond metros supporting small and medium entrepreneurs while integrating sustainability with the best of modern design.

The architectural design charts the journey of an entrepreneur – from self to collaboration to leadership – and draws inspiration from the golden spiral. The national tree of India – Banyan – and the national flower - Lotus - are at the centre of the design, giving a national appeal to the Centre.

Jagriti has partnered with GormalOne to raise resources for the JEC-P Centre. GormalOne drives philanthropic initiatives as well as focuses on innovations driving India's development.

Prototyping Lab

The laballows the entrepreneurs to test their product ideas by creating quick prototypes. It would be equipped with a 3D printer, a packaging and labeling machine, softwares to create 3D models, basic tools to work on different materials, and electronic equipment relevant to create prototypes

Multipurpose Hall

It Hosts enterprise conferences and seminars, inviting experts from outside to interact with the local entrepreneurs.The entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their ideas to potential funders, showcase their enterprises, and network with different stakeholders.

Digital Library

It would give the local entrepreneurs access to national and global enterprise knowledge, and build a repository of local knowledge in both English and Hindi

The architecture integrates sustainability with the best of modern design. Trupti Doshi, an architect and sustainability has designed JEC-P keeping the journey of an entrepreneur in mind. She, along with a professional management team, will overview the construction of the Centre.

The architectural design charts the journey of an entrepreneur – from self to collaboration to leadership – and draws inspiration from the golden spiral. The national tree of India – Banyan – and the national flower - Lotus - are at the centre of the design, giving a national appeal to the Centre.

JEC-P will host six ‘Network of Excellence’ to promote enterprises in key sectors relevant to the development of Purvanchal

A Network of Excellence uses the power of network that Jagriti has created to promote and nurture enterprise ideas in different sectors that are relevant to the development of region. It is designed as well-equipped rooms that can be supported by corporate, organizations or individuals.

The centre will be a key asset in developing Purvanchal

The JEC-P will find its district and regional headquarters in the Centre.Through the facilities provided by the Centre, the JEC-P will organize the following activities for its member entrepreneurs:

  • Mentorship workshops
  • Enterprise training sessions
  • Udyam Corps training
  • Experts visit and interactions
  • Enterprise exhibits
  • Funders sessions and pitch

In addition at a macro level, the Centre will help in

  • Urban Planning
  • Creating Digital Deoria, Digital Purvanchal
  • District Policy Planning

The Centre aspires for inclusive development by bringing local communities together

In the spirit of the ‘middle up development’,approach of Jagriti, JEC-P will ensure that local communities are not only involved, but also given opportunities to lead the efforts for development of Purvanchal.

Enterprise Mela to showcase the local enterprises and inspire local youth and women to become entrepreneurs. Enterprise retreat programs for the local communities

The Centre welcomes the outside world for the benefit of Purvanchal

JEC-P will utilize its premises to host corporate retreat programs and entrepreneurial research activities conducted by reputed institutes and organizations.Apart from facilitating exchange of knowledge with the rest of the world, such programs and activities will create a consistent revenue source.

Contribute and help us to build nation through enterprise